Saturday, May 22, 2010

Second and Third Weeks After Surgery

Hadrian went back to see Dr. Cullen on the 11th day after surgery. They clipped her stitches and cleaned up her incisions. And, they put tape on her incisions to hold them together. Dr. Cullen said she is looking good!!

Her right leg will flex and has mobility, but her left leg is being really stubborn. So, Hadrian needs to get into physical therapy right away to stretch the muscles in her left calf.

We took Hadrian's crutches, and they adjusted them to fit her and gave her a lesson on how to walk with them! So, no more wheel chair!! We have advanced to crutches!

Hadrian went back to school for a half day with her crutches on Day 12. She said it got old telling the story over . . . and over . . . and over again. She said every person at school asked her "what happened?!" And, I think she "grossed" a few of them out by pulling down her support stockings! HA

Hadrian started physical therapy on Day 18. After the first day, she was in pain again. After the second day of therapy, she was able to walk on her own without crutches! Yay! She looks normal again! She has had three sessions total, and she will continue therapy for a while.

Things are pretty much back to normal at our house. Hadrian is driving again and definitely making up for lost time with her friends!!

We go back to see Dr. Cullen again on Monday, and I think he will be pleased with her progress.

Thanks to all for your prayers! Hadrian has done amazingly well! : )

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