Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Days Six through Ten of Recovery

On Wednesday night, May 5th, Hadrian went to support her teammates in the second round of the state playoffs. Cory is pushing her out to the car! This is the first day she put on compression stockings. One of the main concerns now is preventing blood clots.

After the soccer game, we stopped at Frontera to eat and to celebrate Cinco de Mayo! Yum!! Hadrian kept her legs elevated in a chair.

Thursday, Hadrian couldn't move! She had a few really good days before Thursday, but apparently she did too much too soon. She was in lots of pain again and had to stay medicated so she slept all day. And, we had to get to Warner Robins for her sister's graduation, so we left really late Thursday night after we got Hadrian ready.

Hadrian with her two sisters, Hannah and Haley
Friday, May 7

Going to graduation was a bigger ordeal than I thought it would be. Haley's husband, Austin, helped me get Hadrian loaded in the car and drove us to Macon to the coliseum. But, when we arrived, we quickly realized there were NO handicapped parking spaces! Lots of handicapped grandparents go to graduation ceremonies! So, we had to unload Hadrian out of the car, and then Austin had to go find a place to park the car. And, when we finally got in the coliseum, all of the handicapped seats were taken! Some really sweet old people offered to squeeze Hadrian's wheelchair in between theirs, but Hadrian declined. She did not want to sit in the middle of a group of elderly people that she didn't know for the entire graduation ceremony! (ha) So, we wheeled her all the way to the other side of the coliseum and found a seat for her. Whew! We finally got settled in to watch the ceremony!

Haley had a graduation party at her house on Friday night. Hadrian was given baby duty since she couldn't get up. I think she was perfectly fine with that! Haley's niece, Kaitlyn, is an absolute sweetheart!

Hadrian got Kaitlyn to sleep and loved snuggling with her! : )

We came home from Warner Robins on Saturday afternoon. Hadrian was still using the ice packs, staying elevated, still in her wheelchair, wearing the compression stockings, and occasionally took her pain meds. She seems to be doing well, and continuing to recover!

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