Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day Four - Turning Point

Yesterday was the fourth day after surgery for Hadrian. And, it was definitely a good day! She did not need any of her pain medication at all. This was a big change from the three days before when she was taking two pills every three hours. Hadrian woke up yesterday and said she wasn't hurting, and she made it through the entire day and night without asking for her meds! Yay!!

And, I held her up and she actually took some steps yesterday, too! From what I have read, people sometimes have surgery on one leg at a time, so they have one good leg to assist with walking on crutches. Once the one heals, they go back and do the other leg. So, progress will be slower, and it will obviously take Hadrian a while to walk since she had surgery on both.

We unwrapped and checked her legs again yesterday. She has lots of bruising up and down her calves, and she has a big blister under one of her bandaids. I called the nurse this morning, and she said blisters are actually normal, so no worries.

So, we continue with the ice packs. I go out and buy ice everyday to keep her cooler pumping cold, cold water. The girl at the Kroger gas station probably wonders why I show up every day and buy a 20 lb. bag of ice!! lol

So, Day Four was definitely the turning point for us - from constant pain to no pain! And, Hadrian was just a happy girl yesterday. She actually got bored, and we watched funny stuff on the laptop! Laughter is also great for healing!

Thank you very much for all of your prayers! I see that they are working!

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