Thursday, June 3, 2010

5 Week Update

Hadrian's surgery was exactly 5 weeks ago today. She is doing very well! In fact, she just got home from the beach today. Her surgery definitely is not interfering with any of her summer plans. ; ) She did have to cover up her incisions when she was in the sun, and she wasn't allowed to get in a hot tub. Other than these two things, the fun continued!

Since my last blog post, Hadrian has seen the doctor again, and Dr. Cullen said she is progressing right on schedule. One of her incisions was not healing as well as the others, so Dr. Cullen had to get his scissors and scrape it out. Ick!! That was slightly gross! And, Hadrian has had a total of five physical therapy sessions. Each session definitely brings on more progress with her flexibility. She will start back to physical therapy tomorrow.

One thing that feels a bit weird to Hadrian are the numb spots on her legs. Hopefully these will go away with time. She walks perfectly normal, and you would never know she has had surgery! We were told that her physical therapy plan is crucial. She cannot do things too quickly or it could cause the same problem to develop again. Yikes! We don't want this to happen! So, she has to be careful and not do things that haven't been authorized.

Her incisions look great!! Posting pictures to show the progress.

Outside Right Leg

Inside Right Leg

Inside Left Leg

Outside Left Leg

Thank you so much to all of our friends and family for your continued concern! Hadrian is doing fantastic! : )

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