Saturday, July 3, 2010

9 1/2 Weeks

Hadrian is coming right along with her recovery after the compartment syndrome surgery. She had been going to physical therapy, and they had her running suicides outside and running on the treadmill inside. And, they told her to work on running every day on her own, and she could run up to 2 miles a day. I was thinking "wow." She is doing really good if she is already running this much. Dr. Cullen had told us she wouldn't be running until August! So, I was impressed that she was way ahead of schedule!

Well, we went back for a checkup with her doctor this past week. Dr. Cullen walked in and said "whoa!" She should never have been running in the first place. He was not a happy doctor. So, we are not going back to physical therapy, and now she is supposed to be only walking up to 1 mile a day. No running at all!! Never should have. Somebody got a little bit ahead with her training schedule!! Yikes!!

I seriously had been wondering about her running, but I didn't say anything. Hadrian had not been doing so well with that whole "run on her own" thing anyway. She had been lacking a little bit of motivation - imagine that! Hadrian made the comment that "for once, her laziness had paid off." And, she is actually correct about her laziness paying off - just this once. The running she has already done could cause some damaging scar tissue. But, we are just hoping no damage has been done!! Seriously hoping.

Dr. Cullen told us Hadrian will be walking in July, hopefully running in August, and actually playing with a soccer ball by the end of August. So, now that the game plan has been confirmed, we will try to stick to it.

Hadrian is back at work at KFC. Her legs get tired and ache after she stands a while, but we are hoping this gets better with time.

Just about everywhere Hadrian goes, we find someone giving her legs the stare down, and we automatically know they are wondering why in the world this girl has four big scars on her legs! Some people just look and never say anything, and some people get the nerve to ask what happened. So, here she goes, telling the story . . . one more time. If she had a dime for every time she told the story, well, you know, she would be rich by now! (HA) Honestly, not hardly, but she would definitely have a little bit more money!

Speaking of money, I have had a few people ask how much did it cost to have this type of surgery. And, the answer is approximately $20,000 - give or take a few dollars. Thank goodness for good medical insurance! : )

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