Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Big Day Has Arrived! Surgery!!

Hadrian had her surgery today! The nurses took her back at 10 a.m. Right on time! She was finished just before noon. Dr. Cullen said that she did great and everything turned out as expected. He said he did his very best not to clip any nerves, and he made all of her incisions the same so all of her scars will match! Awesome!! We certainly wouldn't want any mismatched scars! ; )

Hadrian was super impressed with the fashionable hospital gowns!

Hadrian talking on her cell phone and facebook to kill time before surgery.
She was saying all of her final goodbyes.

The last picture of her legs (calves) before surgery! We like how the doctor has to sign the body parts he is performing surgery on.

Recovering after surgery. She was going in and out of consciousness.
I am sure she doesn't mind me taking a picture and posting it for all to see! HA

Made it home and Hadrian is laying in bed! She has the water pump keeping her legs iced at all times!

Those pain pills make it hard for a girl to stay awake!

I know a lot of people have been praying for Hadrian today. We appreciate your prayers very much!! So far, so good. According to Dr. Cullen, we are probably in for a few rough days. She has to stand and walk on these legs to go to the bathroom. Lucky for us, Hadrian can hold her pee for a very long time! LOL

Dr. Cullen said the first week is bad, but then we will see steady improvement with the pain during the second week. I am just hoping we can manage the pain so that Hadrian can stay comfortable. So, please continue to pray for good days!!

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  1. Glad she's home and surgery went well. I will continue to pray.