Friday, April 30, 2010

First Night After Surgery

Bath Time from a Bucket!

Hadrian described last night as the "worst night of my life." I actually thought she did well. She and I slept some, so that is always a good thing! She was in a lot of pain off and on through the night, but the pain medicine does give relief. I spoke with a nurse today, and she said we can bump the time between doses up to every 3 hours, so that should help.

She woke me up at 5 a.m. and made the announcement that she had to go to the bathroom. So, here we go. We turn the light on, get all of her hoses unhooked, slide her to the edge of the bed, and now what?! LOL

Her toes were so swollen, and when she put her feet on the floor, she decided she was not going to be able to stand up. So, we get the wheelchair, and went through the process of transferring her from the bed to the chair. We roll to the bathroom, and again, now what?! LOL

I tried lifting, she tried standing, and we tried everything we could think of to get her to the potty, but it wasn't happening. I got the crutches, and we pushed, pulled, and tugged with the crutches for a while. Finally, after thirty minutes of her trying to pull and stand, and me trying to lift and pull, Hadrian decided she would just hold her pee because that was a whole lot less painful than getting to the toilet. I reminded her that she couldn't hold it forever! It would come out sooner or later! HA

So, here we go rolling the wheelchair back to the bed, getting her transferred from the chair to the bed, repositioned with all of her pillows, reconnected to all of her pump hoses, and now she is in tremendous pain from this whole process. So, she gets more pain medicine and is trying to get comfortable again from the potty escapade. So, an hour after we started, she is back comfortable again, but she still hasn't emptied her bladder which was the whole purpose to start with! Whew!! I called her dad to see if he could come help, but before he was on the way, Hadrian decided she didn't need any help. She was back in the bed and that is where she planned to stay!

So, she made it until about 8 a.m. this morning, and she had to go! Well, she called a boy friend (Cory) from work over, and he just carried her to the potty. Seriously easy considering all of the painful drama we had gone through earlier trying to get the same result!

So, she went potty and brushed her teeth, all while not having to stand up, and Cory carried her back to the bed, and wella!! Mission accomplished!! Hurray!! But, that caused her legs to hurt and made her tired, so she took a nice nap.

Earlier today, we had bath time from a bucket, changed into fresh clothes, and she was ready to go!

And, now Hadrian is watching Avatar (her favorite movie) from her bed and life is good . . . . . . for now! : ) And, a wonderful friend, Monica, is bringing her specialty brisket over for dinner! Yummy! Life is wonderful! : )

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  1. Praying that each day gets a little better. It's a good thing she's young. My bladder would never hold it. I'd have to sleep in the bathroom.