Tuesday, September 7, 2010

On the Field Again!!

After 6 long months for Hadrian . . . she played soccer again. And, I mean really played . . . in her uniform . . . her cleats . . . and shin guards. She was a part of a team again . . . and she contributed to her team. : )

Hadrian has rejoined her old Atlanta Fire United team, and they played in the Atlanta Cup Soccer Tournament over Labor Day weekend. She played half of each half, and she did really well. The first game she was really sucking wind, but the second game was much better. These two games were on Saturday, and the games were played in Gainesville. So, we took the opportunity to cross the mountain to Blairsville and spend the night with her grandparents a.k.a. Babelle and Pa.

Hadrian was starving after a full day of soccer. And, I emphasize starving! Her Babelle treated her to a steak dinner, and I have never seen a girl enjoy her food quite so much! She ate every bite of her salad, rolls, potatoes, and steak!! Yummy!! She was one hungry girl!! And, after a day of hard work and a full tummy, she wasn't good for anything but the recliner. And, neither was mom. LOL

Her team played at 8 a.m. Sunday, and she did great! After the game, she announced that she wasn't even tired. She felt normal again! Normal is awesome!!

And, I must say that seeing her play again was amazing for me. When we see one of our kids overcome an obstacle and achieve a goal, there is nothing better! What a blessing it was for me to be there!

Hadrian didn't just want to play soccer again. She NEEDED to play soccer again. And, she did just that. : )

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